Dr.Gary Lesker, of formerly of San Diego and Aruba, is working in the USA- Desert Ridge, Arizona
A few personal photos:
Gary and Clevey, Huahin , Thailand July 2011
Gary and Clevey , Cape Grace Hotel , South Africa, August 2011
Clevey,Gary Paris July, 2009

Hi Friends!
Many of you know me well, and many of you have not met me yet. I do hope to meet you someday, sooner rather than later!

I think that we ought to get to know one another, especially if you are going to consider me as a friend who's experience you can trust. Here is a brief rundown of WHO I am and WHY I love to travel,especially in Arizona where I reside, as well as to Asia, the Caribbean, California, Hawaii, and many other places.

Probably because you were directed to this website by friends or family members who are among the thousands of people that I have spoken to in Aruba or Hawaii or St Kitts where I lived and previously worked  before moving once again to Singer Island,Florida,and now back to Arizona.

In late October, 2009, I resumed my professional passion as an Arizona Licensed Real Estate Agent in Phoenix ( I also hold an active Florida license) working happily for one of the world's biggest Vacation Ownership Companies.

I was born in  New York City quite a long time ago, to hard working first generation Jewish-Americans. My Dad was the first person in our family's history to graduate College. He put himself through Columbia University and became a Pharmacist by the age of 21. He married his high school sweetheart, Peggy, and moved us to Albany, New York while I was still a young lad-his idea being to raise a family in a safer,more secure environment rather than in the biggest of  cities.

Unfortunately,he didn't live long enough to see his three sons and two daughters grow up and have happy, healthy families of their own. He was stricken with brain cancer and passed away while in the prime of his life.

The oldest child, I was probably both a good and bad influence on my siblings, in that I tried to guide them but didn't always set the best example. 

I always had a strong desire to get out and explore the world first hand, and was a restless and avid world traveler by my late teens.

By the time I reached 28 years of age, I had already been to over 35 of the world's countries, many of them wild exotic places within the USA like Hawaii and the Florida Keys, but also far, far away places- like Laos, India, Indonesia and Aruba.

Arizona and the Caribbean stood out as favorite spots.

I had earned my first Bachelor's degree (Psychology) at the University of Arizona, Tucson, by 1972, and have been drawn to desert and beach landscapes ever since.
Aruba, first visited in 1978, was magic to me because it had great beaches, a passion of mine.. coupled with Desert.

Why the love affair with the Desert? Because the people who live in a Desert environment tend to be more relaxed and easier going because of low-humidity (its the lack of perspiring and the feeling of cleanliness even when its hot) and life is just too short to not strive to be a little more relaxed and a little easier going!

Since 1974, after deciding to dedicate my life to natural healing methods, I was living in Los Angeles and San Diego California, and  went on to Graduate school to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology (1978) and my Doctorate in Chiropractic (1979). 

I still traveled for two desert (or beach) vacations every year--- either Aruba or when keeping things to a domestic itinerary, Arizona, Florida or Hawaii. 

In 1984, I brought my brother Jeff Lesker with me to Aruba, and he lived there for years and years--- first as General Manager of the Wyndham Resort, and then (through Jan, 2006) as the General Manager of the Radisson Aruba Resort and Casino, everybody's hands down favorite on the Hotel Scene in Aruba. Jeff was also Vice President of Carlson Resorts, The Americas, (the parent company of Radisson) and opened a new hotel for Radisson in the French Caribbean in St. Martin, which opened on December 18th 2008.Jeff returned to Aruba in mid 2011. I retired to Aruba in 2003 but became restless in just a few short months. Jeff finally has returned to the USA and once again I have him close by because he manages The Hacienda Hotel at LAX which is now undergoing a massive, $70million dollar renovation under his direction and will re-open in late 2015 as a Half Marriott,Half Starwwod property.

 I lived on Aruba, O'ahu and St Kitts from 2003 until Dec 2007.  and then Tucson, Arizona.
 When we lived in St Kitts, it was only a 20 minute small plane ride over to my brother Jeff's island, St Martin, so we were quite fortunate to have each other close by for all of 2007!

My 86 year old Mom who never remarried after my Dad's passing, is frequently traveling with all of us on a regular basis and started residing with us here in Phoenix as of February, 2014. 

My oldest son Jason, age 27, taught Saxophone in San Diego, California and now teaches in Mesa, Arizona close to the ASU Campus in Tempe. He is a consumate and renown Classical Musician and world class performer. You can read about him at www.jasonlesker.com

I was, and still am, a Doctor of Chiropractic, with 35 years experience and a very successful track record operating clinics in California,and working in New Zealand and Spain as well.

You can find my long professional license history online by looking at the State Board of California's website at: www.chiro.ca.gov. and inputting my last name LESKER under "License Search"

I personally treated over 8000 individuals and had a great lifestyle because of my enthusiasm for helping people feel better and enjoy their lives more.

One of the things I noticed over the years was that people, Americans in particular, suffered with aches and pains, were tired, and cranky-- MAINLY because they allowed themselves to be stressed-out and didn't relax or vacation enough.

I filed away that very important tidbit, never dreaming it would be central to the theme of my current life's philosophy and my working for Marriott Vacation Club International in Management, a new career which now has spanned 11 years

I went through a lot of soul-searching and philosophical personal changes (as many of us do in late midlife) and working in this field beats being retired (just my opinion)

Because of my love of travel (107 countries now, and counting) and the fact that I was a (self proclaimed) expert in many aspects of modern travel, when I  settled in Aruba (2003) for an early retirement, and used Aruba as a great jumping off point for my continuous world travels. 

After getting bored out of my mind with my so-called retirement, I quickly went back to work doing what I best love, combining my travel experience and knowledge with my new work in the travel, real estate trust sales and vacation industries-

The last eleven years have taken me first to Aruba, then Hawaii, to St Kitts, back to Aruba and finally back to where I started out , ARIZONA, to work and enjoy life both at work and at play.

Aaron Harlan Lesker, son #2, was born in February, 2008 in Tucson, Arizona and enjoys a view of the Central Arizona Desert Sunset directly from his bedroom windows.

I can honestly say people who feel they deserve the best in life and can afford to  own their vacation options  have better, more rewarding lives on many levels because they UPGRADE their lifestyles where it matters (in my humble opinion) the most

not in fancy cars or jewelry, not in designer clothes or electronic gizmos, but in precious memories created with their loved ones.

I hope I can help you on your road to more peace of mind and happiness and FUN, by encouraging you to get happily involved with the exciting and relaxing (longevity enhancing) world that making a commitment to traveling more with your loved ones can bring you. I can advise you about places all over the world as I've probably been there. Please contact me if you need any help or advice. 

Love and Happy Traveling,
Dr. Gary Lesker